जबलपुर में हाहाकार.. कई डॉक्टर भीषण बीमारी की चपेट में

Jabalpur Doctors are not giving call
Covid Positive/ Quarantine
1.Dr.Asit Guin
2.DR.Mili Guha
3.Dr.A.K.Verma – Corona +
4.Dr.K.K.Shukla – Refused
5.Dr.Rita Shukla – Refused
6.V.S.Chauhan – Refused
7.Dr.Pankaj Asati
8.Dr.Vijay Chawla
9.Marble City Hos not allowing Call
10.Dr.Anurag Sahni
11.Dr.Anupam Sahni corona+
12.Dr.K.C.Dewani – Refused
13.Dr.Sulekha Dewani – Refused
14.Dr.Abhay Shrivastava – Not Allowing
15.Dr.Parimal Swani – Quarantine
16.Dr.Saurabh Grower – only Reminder
17.Dr.Anuradha Dang – not allowing
18.Dr.Susheel Kelly – clinic closed
19.Dr.Shobha Nelson – not practices
20.Dr.Shashi Khare – not practices
21.Dr.Sharda Yadav – Not Practices
22.Dr.V.L.Choubey – not practices
23.Dr.S.Kumar – not Practices
24.Dr.Lalit Jain – not Practices
25.Dr.M.C.Dawar – not Practices
26.Dr.G.N.Paunekar – not Practices
27.Dr.Alok Agrawal -corona+not allowing
28.Dr.B.K.Pansey – not allowing
29.Dr.Ashok Budhraja – Clinic closed till 10th sep
30.Dr.Anil Dubey corona+
31.Dr.Sunil Gulathi – Clinic closed
32.Dr.S.C.Jethi corona+ not allowing
33.Dr.Amit Gupta – Clinic colsed
34.Dr.G.S.Sandhu – clinic closed for 2months
35.Dr.Sanjeev Chandolkar – Quarantine
36.Dr.Sanjay Nagraj – Corona +
37.Dr.Prakash Asati (Sihora) – corona +
38.Dr.G.L.Chhatri – corona +
39.Dr.S.K.Gautam – Clinic closed
40.Dr.Vishal Kastewar -corona+ clinic closed
41.Dr.Ashok Khanna – Clinic closed
42.Dr.Deepak Agrawal – clinic closed
43.Dr.G.C.Dubey – clinic closed
44.Mannulal Hospital- no OPD
45.Dr.P.K.Dixit – clinic closed
46.Dr.S.K.Mishra – Clinic closed
47.Dr.Prashant Punekar – not allowing call
48.Dr.Vishal Wadhera – clinic closed
49.Dr.Ajay Bhandari – not allowing call
50.Dr.Sneh Lata Choubey – not allowing call
51.Dr.A.K.Verma – clinic closed
52.Dr.Girish Budhrani – not allowing call
53.Dr.B.K.Dang – not allowing call
54.dr rajesh Patel – not allowing call
55.dr Ritu Pandey – not allowing call
56.Dr.Pradeep Patel – not allowed call
57.Dr.H.S.Patel – Clinic Closed
58.Dr.Ashwani Pathak – clinic closed
59 Dr Ashok Arora clinic closed from from last week.
60.Dr G k Pachori clinic closed.
61.Dr Amit kinare
61.Dr Prashant Punekar

  1. Dr Aradhna Mishra
    64.Dr Manju Sankaran
    65.Dr RAKESH Tirki…..
  2. Dr Sunil Patel Ortho
  3. Dr Romesh Chawlani
  4. Dr Ramesh asawa – clinic closed
    69.Dr Avyaqt agrawal ped corona+
    70.Dr A P mohanti corona+
  5. Dr. Pankaj Budhauliya c+
    जबलपुर डॉक्टर are quarantine अपना और अपने परिवार का बहुत ख्याल रखे 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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